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OGM UNIVERSE will distribute OGM Pictures’ highly anticipated drama, “MIRACLE OF LOVE”. The drama premiered on March 23, 2023, on Star TV.


The lead roles in the series are portrayed by famous actors Birkan Sokullu (‘Flames of Desire’, ‘The Innocents’) and Ebru Şahin (‘Destan’, ‘Hercai’, ‘Forbidden Fruit’, ‘Evermore’), alongside legendary actors Zerrin Tekindor, Hümeyra, and Necip Memili.


Ekin Koyuncu, Global Distribution & Partnership Director said: “Miracle of Love” is not just a series, it’s an emotional rollercoaster that explores the depths of love, the agony of loss, and the awe-inspiring power of miracles. Our talented cast and skilled production team have poured their hearts into this project to bring audiences an unforgettable viewing experience. We believe in inspiring our audiences from start to finish.”


“Miracle of Love” tells the story of a 130 years old man, Ali Tahir (Birkan Sokullu), a brave commander who fought in the Battle of Sakarya. He made a costly mistake that caused the death of his soldiers, but managed to turn the tide of the battle and after being shot, he was resurrected by “Water of Life”. After that day he never aged again. In the following years he became an agricultural educator and married Leyla. However, Leyla couldn’t handle the fact that Ali Tahir never aged and committed suicide. In 1968 he changed his name to Esref and became a school inspector, where he fell in love with a teacher named Süreyya. They got married but, their marriage ended after Süreyya discovered hints from his past. In 2023, now going by the name Kemal, he meets Harika, a young writer, who is about to change everything he knows.


Harika (Ebru Şahin) is a lawyer who aspires to become a novelist. She decides to visit the charming town of Göçek in search of inspiration for her debut book. There, she crosses paths with Kemal, a man with a mysterious past and an untold story to share. Both Harika and Kemal find themselves at a crossroads in their lives: Harika needs a captivating tale for her novel, while Kemal yearns to unburden himself and reveal his secrets. As they get to know each other, their lives are transformed in remarkable ways, far beyond what they ever imagined.


The series is directed by Hilal Saral (Director of the International Emmy Award Winning Drama ‘Endless Love’, ‘Kuzey Güney’, ‘Fatmagül’, and ‘Forbidden Love’). The script was written by Nuran Evren Şit, who has contributed to hit TV series such as ‘Lady’s Farm’, ‘Matter of Respect’, ‘Wounded Love’, and ‘Atiye’.