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Broken Destiny, the Newest OGM UNIVERSE’s Drama

The recently created distributor, OGM UNIVERSE, lead by Ekin Koyuncu, will distribute the show internationally.
A co-production of Stellar Yapım and OGM Pictures, Broken Destiny, made its debut October 31st on Star TV under the Turkish title Toprak ile Fidan.

The new venture: OGM UNIVERSE

OGM Pictures was founded in 2019 by Onur Güvenatam, who has been involved in the Turkish TV series and film industry for many years and produced many successful TV series that left their mark on both local and international media industry. Within this short time period the company created an outstanding track record, on both linear and non-linear, offering; unpredictable but familiar content by going far beyond than the usual character patterns and story flow in all productions.